The Project that Almost Wasn’t

Sweet Tooth Dental exterior_cover_Chad Fisher Construction

Dr. Aimee Werremeyer, a dentist in Bellingham, Washington, had a problem.

A very expensive problem.

You see, she had purchased a piece of property in a great location to build her own dental office. No more leasing a space for her practice.

She had plans drawn up, hired an interior designer and paid for the necessary permits. It was an exciting time.

Then her dream office came to a grinding halt.

“My original general contractor bid the project at $1 million – yes, $1 million – over my budget to build the office as specified by the architect,” Dr. Werremeyer said.

“So I tried another contractor, and another. I tried seven different contractors over two years, and each one was unable to build it to my budget or willing to ‘throw mud’ on the architect’s plans to revise them. I gave up on the project for a while, the property just sitting there.”

The property sat for more than a year, but Dr. Werremeyer couldn’t just let her dream for her own office go.

Finally, her business adviser Sherrie suggested Dr. Werremeyer talk to a personal friend of hers, Chad Fisher of Chad Fisher Construction.

Sweet Tooth Dental reception area

Meeting Chad was a game changer.

“Chad was the one  general contractor to sit down with the architect and say the design needed to be revised – otherwise I don’t think this project would have happened,” Dr. Werremeyer said.

Chad used value engineering to bring the project in line with Dr. Werremeyer’s budget, without sacrificing her desire for a comfortable, inviting office for her patients and a functional work space for the doctor and her staff members.

“I felt like Chad was there for me. Chad was my advocate.”

And once the project got rolling, it only took about eight months to complete. After waiting for years to get started, Dr. Werremeyer could see finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Chad personally helped her throughout the process, when it came time to pick carpet, troubleshoot an issue with the ceiling tiles or ensure paint colors were just right.

And he kept her up-to-date throughout the process. “Chad led me through the process and kept me informed” with regular emails and weekly job site meetings, she said.

Sweet Tooth dental treatment room

But perhaps what stood out most for Dr. Werremeyer was having someone to hear her ideas and address her concerns.

“Chad listened – it was the most important part.”

Now that the project’s complete, Dr. Werremeyer couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

“I am so happy with my new office,” she said, “and feel blessed to have had Chad Fisher Construction make my dream reality.”

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Photos by Kalie Presteen, Peter James Studios