Advantages of Steel Building Construction

Steel building construction has become increasingly more popular over the years and is preferred over wood, brick, and concrete for many reasons. Steel is more versatile, durable, affordable and sustainable than other materials – making it the obvious choice for most construction projects. Below you’ll find all the advantages of steel building construction and how it compares to other materials. Durable Steel is incredibly durable…. Read More

How Plastic Molded Parts Are Changing The Construction Industry

As technology advances and the demand for bigger and better is on the rise, plastic molded parts have become a vital part of the revolutionizing of commercial construction. What Are The Benefits Of Using Plastic Parts In Construction? Every material has its benefits and its drawbacks.  Steel, for example, is one of the strongest options for building the framework of any structure or vehicle.  However,… Read More

Trends That Will Shape The AEC Industry In 2020

  2019 showcased a variety of innovative solutions for The architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, including upgrades to technology and supply routes. As we begin the new year, let’s take a look at the emerging trends that will likely be crucial to the advancement of the AEC industry in 2020. Keeping on top of trends can help you prepare for the future. Trends We… Read More

Virtual Design Construction

Much like BIM, Virtual Design Construction (VDC) is an integrated approach to construction that involves the management of multifaceted performance models. This way of working has strong ties to collaboration and integration, with BIM being frequently used in it. An ideal VDC project strategy incorporates key professionals and technology for construction. With all parties involved in the modeling and design phase, the risk of conflicts… Read More

5 Ways To Recycle Construction Waste

Around one-third of refuse in a country like the US is made up of construction waste. This is a massive percentage, and it shows just how important it is to properly handle recycling construction waste at a building site. Every single site will generate a fair amount of refuse, and it is important to take the correct steps to deal with this. Through using smart,… Read More