5 Important Considerations When Planning Church Construction

Planning and building a church is distinctly different from most other commercial construction projects. This is because churches are often pivotal parts of the community. When planning the construction of a church, the general contractor typically works closely with a committee made up of church leaders and members of the church’s congregation. In addition to the meeting the needs of the Church, an experienced general… Read More

How Design-Build Construction Improves Bottom Line

Design-build is a project delivery and management process in construction that is known to greatly improve the overall outcome of a project. This approach to building utilizes a single point of contact throughout the build. Proven to save time, money, and requiring an efficient approach to the construction planning and lifecycle. At Chad Fisher Construction, we understand how many moving parts there are to a… Read More

Emerging Technologies in Commercial Construction

Emerging technologies are constantly being developed across industries. This means that there is often a whole variety of new applications available to streamline all kinds of business processes. This is particularly true in the commercial construction industry. There are many new and exciting innovations creating opportunities for more convenient and efficient building methods and property development. There are several emerging technologies disrupting traditional commercial construction…. Read More

Commercial Construction Master Planning & Code Evaluation

When looking at any commercial construction project, planning is always one of the most important steps. A solid plan is essential to the success of a project. This allows for seamless operations throughout the build, as well as properly managed logistics. If you are looking to build, then having a well laid out master plan is essential. This will need to be developed in line… Read More

Best Practices In Medical Office Building Construction

Medical Office Buildings are designed and constructed much like a hospital, but on a smaller scale. They can include everything you would typically find at a hospital, from primary and urgent care to social services, a pharmacy and even an ambulatory service. The only thing they don’t have are hospital beds. Doctors and nurses use the technology and features in medical offices to consult with… Read More