Pre-Construction Services

Here at Chad Fisher Construction, we offer unrivaled pre-construction services that will set your building project up for success. With an expert team available to help you every step of the way, we’ll make sure that planning, and then building your project is flawless from start to end. No matter what you are working on, new construction projects can be extremely exciting. Starting with conceptualizing and working on budgets, to finding your desired location and scheduling the build, brings out the visionary in all of us. However, it can also be quite daunting when faced with all the different aspects that construction projects entail. Whatever it is that you are planning, you will no doubt find that there are a multitude of different things to be dealt with before the construction work even begins. That’s why we believe in the Design-Build method. When designers, architects, builders, engineers, and estimators get together under one roof to discuss ideas, you as the client can enjoy a perfectly executed and expertly managed construction service experience. It also means you have one single point of contact the whole way through from pre-construction to construction and final commissioning. We pride ourselves in our highly efficient and extremely skilled teams who have been successfully providing contracting and construction services in the Pacific Northwest for more than 40 years. Our team can offer you excellence and reliability, in everything that we do.

Chad Fisher Construction Pre-Construction Services

We Budget With You and For You

Making sure that your budget is adhered to every step of the way is extremely important – and so is ensuring that it is feasible and properly planned in the first place. We can assist you with planning your project spend, as we know what to look out for and the best ways to be cost-effective and efficient. As this is all decided on prior to construction, we promise to develop a systematic and cost-effective approach to your entire project, and will monitor your budget until building is complete. As you will have a single point of contact throughout, there will be no surprise bills at the end.

Assist With Site Selection and Evaluation

As part of our pre-construction services, we can help you to select the right site and determine your project’s feasibility based on it. We’ll do a detailed analysis of the site itself, and give you our recommendations so that you know exactly what to expect once building is underway.

Oversee Architectural, Engineering, and Design Ideas

Once you’re happy that you’ve found the place to lay foundations for your project we can help you with the design as well as estimate the costs of construction. We’ll talk ideas and find out what it is that you want out of your building. Our excellent team will work with you to plan the way everything needs to pan out on your new site.

Process Management

Along with helping you to draw up a realistic, helpful budget and working with you to manage the site selection and design of your new construction project, you can also rely on us completely to manage all of the other necessary processes you might not know about. We oversee the following so that you don’t have to:
  • Order-of-Magnitude Estimates
  • Master Planning & Code Evaluation
  • Permitting Process Coordination
  • Construction Document Coordination & Review
We handle the services; you sit back and relax. New construction projects are exciting, but they can be intimidating for those who aren’t experienced. Luckily, Chad Fisher Construction has years of experience and professionalism in all of these areas. We can accurately and efficiently determine the size, scope and skill of the team needed and the documentation required for the project you are putting in our capable hands. With one single point of contact for all of your needs, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll receive timely communication, excellent customer service, and, above all, results. We will always keep you in the loop and advise you wherever we can – your time and money are important to you, so they are important to us.

Contact Us for Your Pacific Northwest Pre-Construction Consultation

Our services are unrivaled in the Pacific Northwest area. For over 40 years we have provided our clients with the planning, architectural, engineering, and construction services and advice needed during the pre-construction phase. The convenience of having one contract led by an expert team which is dedicated to making sure your project runs smoothly, should not be underestimated! Contact Chad Fisher Construction today for any and all of your pre-construction (and construction!) needs, and a friendly member of our team will advise you on the best way forward.