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Chad Fisher Construction is the leader in Pacific Northwest commercial building projects. With over 40 years of industry experience, we know exactly how to approach different construction jobs. Our wide-ranging portfolio includes a number of notable professional office and finance builds in Skagit, Whatcom and Snohomish Counties.

Our services cover all areas of the commercial construction process. This includes site development, pre-construction services, equipment installation, and all areas of the building. No matter what kind of job scale you need to be done, we have the experience and understanding to take it on.

Throughout our extensive commercial construction experience around the Pacific Northwest, we have been responsible for all kinds of successful office and finance builds. Below are just a few of the successful projects in this field that our team has been behind.

Professional Office and Finance Projects

Skagit Bank Main Office

skagit bank burlington exteriorChad Fisher Construction has been behind Skagit Banks building projects for over 30 years now. When the company’s main branch needed remodeling, CFC was called in to manage the project.

This project involved a complete remodel of the existing main office to fit the bank’s new image. The build was completed in four different phases – including a complete overhaul of the exterior facade.

One of the challenges of this project was that the bank needed to remain open throughout the course of construction. CFC managed to achieve this by working weekends and odd hours. This allowed the bank to operate as per usual, while still providing a total remodeling of the premises.

Over the course of this project, the team at CFC managed to:

  • Completely remodel the building while keeping the business open
  • Complete all construction under budget
  • Finish the entire remodel on schedule

Cascadia Eye


Cascadia Eye, a technologically advanced vision center, required a complete remodel of their 5100 sqft facility. This project also involved taking down their Mount Vernon surgery center, removing the walls, and relocating. The center was cleaned up and back in full operation within 9 days.

The remodeling of their large facility required a quick turnaround of the Mount Vernon operating rooms. The team at CFC managed to work around the clock to ensure that the business could keep their operations up and running throughout regular hours.

During the course of this project, the team at CFC managed to:

  • Complete the entire project ahead of schedule
  • Finish all construction under budget
  • Complete the project without any interruptions to the regular surgery operations

Skagit Bank Bellingham Branch


Beyond doing a complete overhaul of the bank’s main branch, the team at CFC was also called in to renovate the branch in Bellingham, Washington. This project was undertaken to reflect the bank’s new brand image.


The construction of this involved the installation of new office spaces, teller lines, a waiting area, and an employee kitchen. Although this job required a great deal of work, the bank still needed to remain open as usual throughout the course of construction. This meant that our team worked nights, weekends and holidays to get the job finished on time.

Even though the building took a complete remodel, very little impact was had on the business. None of the bank’s regular operations were interrupted during this build.

Throughout the course of this project, the team at CFC managed to:

  • Complete all construction ahead of the tight schedule
  • Finish all building under budget
  • Allow the bank to remain open throughout the course of construction with no impact on their daily operations

Sakata Seed Company

Sakata Seed - Agricultural Construction

Sakata Seed Company has been using the services of CFC for over 30 years. This company, based in Skagit County and Eastern Washington, needed to relocate its Northwest operations base.

The project involved the construction of a new seed storage/dryer facility, as well as a corporate office building. The 14000 sqft office building included a state-of-the-art seed certification laboratory with climate-controlled germination rooms.

The facilities followed a special design-build arrangement. They were completed on time, under budget, and in line with all specified requirements.

Throughout this build, the team at CFC managed to:

  • Complete all construction under budget
  • Finish all building ahead of schedule
  • Maintain a strong level of communication open with the clients

Need Professional Office and Finance Commercial Construction?

If you are looking for comprehensive commercial construction services, then Chad Fisher is the name to call. Our experienced team has been managing extensive building jobs around the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years.