About Us

Company History

Chad Fisher’s family has been building a better life and future for their family and the Skagit County community at large for generations. After helping his father build one of the leading construction firms in the Northwest, Chad pursued his own dream. In 2010, Chad opened Chad Fisher Construction in Burlington Washington and began working alongside the next generation of Fishers, his two sons, Dan and Duke.

Chad Fisher Construction is a family-owned and operated business that delivers expert design-build, engineering and project management services to help their clients grow their businesses. CFC specializes in commercial construction and tenant improvement projects.

Building on more than 40 years of experience, company namesake Chad Fisher continues to assemble top-quality teams, focused on demonstrating that the client always comes first. From first-class project management, to budget and timeline adherence and project completion, we always follow through with what we pledge to deliver, no exceptions.

Chad Fisher Construction has worked on projects in other parts of the region, however, their main focus remains in the Pacific Northwest. Chad and his sons, Dan and Duke, believe in giving back to the community, and spend countless hours and resources working toward the betterment of the economic climate of the Pacific Northwest. CFC is proactive, spending a lot of time and energy working with prospective companies on feasibility studies to help them determine the best investment for their company.

Community & Industry Affiliations

Moving Forward

Today, Chad, Dan and Duke continue serving the construction needs of the Pacific Northwest in the best way that they know how. Hard work, honesty, integrity and family remain at the core of Chad Fisher Construction. These strong values are instilled in the Fisher name and have helped the company grow to where they are today. Chad, Dan and Duke look forward to the next generation’s continued commitment to quality work and strong relationships.