Medical Facilities

Chad Fisher Construction has been an industry leader providing general contracting and commercial construction services for over 40 years in the Pacific Northwest. In that time, our team of experts has covered all kinds of projects based around medical facilities.

The companies we have worked with have hired us for our expertise in pre-construction services, site development, and equipment installation. This is on top of our comprehensive commercial construction and design work.

While we offer commercial construction services to a variety of industries, here is a look at some of the different medical facilities projects that we have been in charge of.

Medical Facilities Construction Projects

Sweet Tooth Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

Sweet Tooth Cosmetic & Family Dentistry
Sweet Tooth Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

Sweet Tooth Cosmetic & Family Dentistry is a dental office that was built with the comfort of each patient in mind. Chad Fisher Construction took over the role of the design-build general contractor of this project after the original contractor could not work in line with the budget. Through the smart use of value engineering, the team at CFC was able to reduce the costs of this build by 40%.

Even though the costs were reduced, the project was still built with a high level of quality and functional design in mind. The result was a modern and stylish dental facility that works with doctors and patients’ needs.

Without a complete revision of the original plans, and some smart construction techniques being put to use, this project may never have been able to come to life. Through taking over the Sweet Tooth Cosmetic & Family Dentistry project, CFC was able to:

  • Reduce the construction budget by 40%
  • Create a modern, functional space
  • Complete construction on time – even though the build took place during the rainy season

Mount Vernon Periodontics

Medical Facilities - Mount Vernon Periodontics
Mount Vernon Periodontics – Chad Fisher Construction

Mount Vernon Periodontics was a brand new 6,000 square foot office building that Chad Fisher Construction was in charge of constructing. These medical facilities included a 2,000 square foot periodontal clinic for the owner, as well as 4,000 square feet of space for lease.

Not only was the project completed under budget, but it was finished within the tight time frame provided. CFC managed to obtain a temporary certificate of occupancy from the City of Mount Vernon to allow the owner’s clinic to be running by the desired date. This is an example of how the team at CFC ensures clear communication and complete dedication to each project.

During the course of this job, the CFC team were able to:

  • Complete the project under budget
  • Have the clinic operational within the tight time frame
  • Provide clear communication and no surprises throughout the process
  • Build a stylish and perfectly functional medical facility

Island Hospital Walk-in Clinic

island hospital walk-in reception desk
Island Hospital walk-in reception desk

The Island Hospital project involved a complete remodel of the walk-in clinic’s exam rooms and reception area. A major feature of this commercial construction job was that the clinic needed to stay open and operating throughout the build.

As cleanliness is essential to a hospital, the team at CFC made sure to execute a high level of cleanliness throughout the project. This job included demolishing walls, constructing new exam rooms, and handling plumbing and electrical issues.

Here are some of the things that the CFC team achieved during this build:

  • Completing the project within budget
  • Completing the project on time
  • Maintaining a hospital-standard level of cleanliness
  • Providing a complete modern remodel of the walk-in clinic

Benson Medical Group

Benson Medical Group reception

The Benson Medical Group project involved a complete remodel of their medical facilities in order to update them to the current medical clinic standards. The entire job involved renovating six exam rooms, two procedure rooms, three physicians’ office spaces, as well as a reception/waiting room. The results were a completely updated, functional, and attractive facility. This entire was finished within six weeks. During the project, the CFC team managed to:

  • Complete the construction under budget
  • Provide an extensive remodel of the 3,000 square foot clinic
  • Maintain a high level of communication and work ethic throughout the project

Cascadia Eye


This Skagit County vision center required a complete remodeling of two of their facilities. The CFC team completed the project seamlessly, within budget and in time.

The job included a total remodel of their 5,100 square foot facility, as well as a quick turnaround remodel of the surgery center operating rooms. The project resulted in a completely new and updated facility, that was finished while still allowing the clinic to operate during their normal working times.

Here are some things that the CFC team achieved during this build:

  • Completing the project ahead of schedule
  • Completing the project under budget
  • Maintaining a high industry standard throughout the construction process

Need a General Contractor For Your Medical Facility?

Whether you require a quick remodel or a complete construction project, the Chad Fisher Construction team have the expertise. Our experience with medical facilities has seen us complete jobs to all kinds of briefs and budgets – in order to provide the perfect space for your practice.

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