Industrial and Aerospace

With over 40 years in business, the team at Chad Fisher is proud to have worked on a wide variety of industrial and aerospace projects in the Pacific Northwest. Our highly skilled team has consulted with clients from start to finish to provide them with world-class facilities. Below are some examples of the projects we have worked on within this industry.

Janicki Aerospace Manufacturing

Janicki Industries - Aerospace - Chad Fisher Construction

Janicki Industries recently opened a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Hamilton, WA. The main purpose of this plant is to produce high flight-quality aerospace parts, which have been made from advanced composite materials.

This project was fully built in a year by our team at Chad Fisher Construction. This innovative building contains around 250,00 lineal feet of rebar, 6,800 cubic yards of concrete, 600 tons of steel, and more than 100 miles of electrical cords and wiring.

An innovative climate control system was also integrated, with 30 Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) heat pumps linked together to the main computer system. This system is designed to perfectly monitor the temperature and humidity, turning on the necessary heat pump needed to keep the climate ideal for producing carbon fiber parts.

This project is the first industrial application in Washington State, which works in a fully contained environment. Throughout the project we:

  • Finished the project within the stipulated time frame
  • Incorporated innovative energy-saving features such as an eco-friendly roof
  • Retro-fitted office space, curing ovens, and mills
  • Constructed a 5,000 square foot drive-in freezer

Team Corporation

Team Corp - Industrial & AerospaceThe industry leader in multi-axis and specialty vibration systems, Team Corporation is located in the Port of Skagit County and has a global presence in over 20 countries. After working with us to construct their original office and warehouse space in 1994, they sought us out once again to build an additional warehouse.

This warehouse was designed to house a large-capacity overhead crane for movement of parts and specialty foundation for large CNC machines. This additional warehouse is 21,560 square ft. and includes additional storage space as well as an 800 square foot open face paint bay.

While working with Team Corporation we:

  • Provided a seamless experience throughout the entire design-build project
  • Constructed a facility that can house a 15-ton capacity bridge crane
  • Performed a 21,560 square foot addition

Hexcel Expansion

Hexcel Corporation - Industrial and Aerospace

Hexcel Corporation is a vertically integrated global company with plants based worldwide. They manufacture finished aircraft structures as well as tooling. At the Burlington plant, the corporation turns metallic and non-metallic honeycomb into engineered core components.

Chad Fisher had the opportunity to work with the manufacturer in both phases 1 and 2 of its expansion projects. The team was involved with pre-construction planning and implemented a design-build approach for the corporation. Phase 1 included constructing a 60,000 square foot manufacturing floor area, a 5,500 square foot ISO Level 8 cleaning room, as well as extensive space for new offices, meeting rooms, and employee areas. Despite it being an extremely difficult wet winter, we completed the project on time and under budget.

Phase 2 commenced the following year and was completed in under a year, allowing Hexcel to meet their planned open house in good time. During this time, Chad Fisher constructed an additional 81,000 square foot warehouse. This space houses a large autoclave, 9,000 square foot ISO Level 8 clean room, as well as a 2,200 square foot freezer that stores materials.

Additionally, more offices, an employee area, and climate-controlled IT room were constructed. During the course of the project, the team:

  • Undertook 2 phases of construction as a design-build contractor
  • Installed 2 ISO Level 8 clean rooms
  • Constructed 60,000 and 81,000 square foot manufacturing areas
  • Added in office and employee areas


lavelle skeleton framing

We are in the process of constructing an additional 22,000 square foot space for LAVLE USA, Inc. Combined with the existing structure, this will serve as space for manufacturing and conducting tests on generators, engines, motors, drives, bridge and engineering control stations. The main goal of this new facility is to successfully manufacture and test complete vessel power train and control systems.

LAVLE is a pioneer in their industry, developing the world’s first solid-electrolyte battery (SEB) and energy storage system (ESS) for the marine market. These innovative systems, such as the ESS, will be packed in this new facility, making it a crucial part of a lengthy and important manufacturing process.

Throughout the project, the construction of this facility will:

  • Provide an additional 22,000 square feet of facility space
  • Generate broader economic activity in the Skagit region
  • On completion, support approximately 50 new jobs