How Design-Build Construction Improves Bottom Line

Design-Build Construction Saves Money - Chad Fisher Construction
Design Build Saves Money – Chad Fisher Construction

Design-build is a project delivery and management process in construction that is known to greatly improve the overall outcome of a project. This approach to building utilizes a single point of contact throughout the build. Proven to save time, money, and requiring an efficient approach to the construction planning and lifecycle.

At Chad Fisher Construction, we understand how many moving parts there are to a commercial construction project. This is why we are an experienced design-build general contractor ready to use this approach with each project. With a strong team and the use of the latest innovations in construction, the design-build approach can vastly improve the bottom line of your project.

What Is Design-Build?

Instead of the traditional design-bid-build method, design-build is an approach to construction that puts all of the different departments under one roof. When you hire a design-build general contractor, you take on an integrated team of engineers, designers, architects, builders, and project managers. These professionals collaborate on the project – overseeing everything as a single unit.

Compared to the traditional approach of outsourcing these services, a unified construction team will help to make the project run a whole lot smoother.

Why Use Design-Build In Commercial Construction?

Any good general contractor understands just how complex a commercial construction project can be. With so many different people involved and jobs to be done, taking a design-build approach can provide a number of benefits.


Adopting a design-build method of construction offers far greater value towards the project. The different construction professionals and sectors involved will consult directly with each other. This will allow them to work together towards a single budget.

Planning becomes optimized, time is not wasted, and the various professionals can get a better understanding of exactly what materials and resources will be needed for the project. This will help to reduce wastage.

The saying “time is money” is always true in commercial construction. This approach helps to make things more efficient. Thus, it helps to save time and work towards a more realistic budget.

The Project Becomes More Streamlined

Having the varying professionals of a project come together as a unit allows for an improvement of processes and outcomes. Design-build eliminates the unnecessary, and time-consuming, back and forth between departments.

When the architect, project manager, and contractor work together from the offset, it makes for a much smoother process. In addition, it helps to eliminate problems that may arise along the way. This also allows each member of the build to better understand the different requirements and technicalities of the project.

With the team working together, they can solve problems easier and conflicting input disappears.

Expert Communication

A design-build project allows you to communicate with an expert general contractor from start to finish. Each step of the way, the process is clear and under more direct control. The design-build team works together, and they know exactly what they are doing.

Being able to follow a clear path of progress is invaluable in construction. This doesn’t just make the process easier to manage, but it also allows you to better achieve your overall vision.

A Single Structured Team

Design-build projects allow for a single point of contact throughout. In commercial construction, there can be so many different aspects to keep control over. Having a single person overseeing and managing the project makes things a lot easier.

It helps to make communication easier and keeps the project moving along swiftly. The daily coordination of the project is smoother with a single point of leadership. It also allows for faster and more efficient communication and planning within the construction team. Contractors and architects will be able to agree more and work together in a more practical model.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is a process that helps to increase the worth of the project. This is achieved by reducing costs, as well as increasing productivity and function. Having a single team work together helps to structure out the requirements of the project. This allows the group of professionals involved to find the most efficient and effective solutions for each element of the project.

Value engineering is an important part of design-build, and it will help with the project’s budget and end results.

Faster Service Delivery

A well-organized team executes plans faster. A general contractor with experience in design-build will have a strong network that knows how to work with each other. All scheduling and performance are handled efficiently, making it easier to reach the bigger picture goal. Therefore, work becomes faster and more cost-efficient.

Choosing The Design-Build Method

In commercial construction, the design-build approach provides plenty of clear benefits. The build becomes faster and more organized. In addition, working within a clear budget becomes increasingly realistic.

At Chad Fisher Construction, we use the latest technology and innovation to ensure a seamless design-build experience. All aspects of the project become easier, helping to improve the bottom line of your commercial construction project.