Warehouse and Distribution

Chad Fisher Construction is a specialist commercial building company. Our experienced team is here to fulfill construction needs all around the Pacific Northwest. We serve a wide variety of industries – including warehouse and distribution facilities.

Developing a new warehouse is no simple job, and it takes the right team to get it done properly. With over 40 years of commercial construction experience behind us, the team at CFC understands the exact needs of your project.

To help you understand the kind of work that we can do for you in this industry, take a look at some of the projects highlighted below. These are just a few of the jobs that we have completed over the years – each being perfectly executed to accommodate the client’s needs.

Warehouse and Distribution Construction Projects

Fidalgo Mini Storage Bldg 4

Fidalgo Mini-Storage, Anacortes WA, Chad Fisher Construction general contractor

Fidalgo Mini Storage, a company based in Anacortes, Washington, needed help building a new facility. They required a 22,000 square foot building that could house 16 storage units, as well as a common area for the tenants to use.

We ran the project efficiently with everything going according to plan, allowing the client to commence construction for their fifth building soon after this one. The project was completed under budget and ahead of schedule.

Hexcel Phase 1 Expansion

Hexcel Corporation Phase 1

Hexcel Corporation has manufacturing plants based all around the world where it manufactures tooling and aircraft structures. Chad Fisher Construction was contracted as the design-build contractor for its Burlington plant. The plant manufactures engineered core components using metallic and non-metallic honeycomb.

This facility comprises of a 60,000 square foot manufacturing floor area, a 5,500 square foot ISO level 8 clean room, and over 7,000 square foot of office space and employee facilities. This was a complex job that required specialist knowledge, and not only did our team manage to finish the build during one of the wettest rainy seasons, but it was also completed on time and under budget.

Hexcel Phase 2 Expansion

After completing construction on the initial phase of this project, Chad Fisher Construction planned and proceeded with phase 2 of the project. This involved adding a new 81,000 square foot warehouse space which was specially designed to house a large autoclave. There was also a new 9,000 square foot ISO level 8 clean room, a 2,200 square foot freezer, as well as new offices, employee break rooms, and an IT room.

Once again, the clients were very happy with the efficiency of the construction. The entire project was finished in under a year – perfectly meeting the customer’s requirements.

Janicki Industries Punkin Warehouse

punkin warehouse - janicki industries hamilton washington

Janicki Industries is a company that designs and manufactures specialist tooling and high-precision parts for the aerospace, marine, energy, space, military, transportation, and architectural industries.

The company required a new 45,000 square foot facility to be built at their Hamilton site in Washington. CFC was contacted to lead the job. Construction like this requires specialist knowledge, as we had to include things like a 2,600 square foot curing oven. Not only was the entire project completed well ahead of schedule, but it also came in under budget.

Janicki Industries Clean Room

Janicki Industries Clean Room - Chad Fisher Construction

Janicki Industries also required a new ISO level 8 cleanroom. The team at Chad Fisher Construction was put in charge of converting an existing 9,000 square foot space into a facility that met the correct criteria.

The space has a 16-ft ceiling and required structural support for the new HVAC system. The project also involved putting in a new CMU and insulated metal paneled wall, as well as two-speed door curtains. All correct finishes were laid down to ensure a safe and efficient cleanroom.

Team Corporation

Team Corp., Chad Fisher Construction

Team Corporation is a global company based in 20 different countries. They specialize in multi-axis and specialty vibration systems. Team Corporation required a new warehouse space to be built at their premises in the Port of Skagit County.

This warehouse needed to house a large capacity overhead crane, something that we seamlessly added into the design. The entire facility covers over 21,000 square foot, and it includes an 800 square foot paint bay, as well as additional storage space.

Chad Fisher Construction

The construction of our new office space in the Port of Skagit in Burlington, Washington, was also a significant job. The premises required a number of different functional spaces, as well as some specialist design elements. It is a job that our team remains very proud of.

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At CFC, we focus on creating highly functional, attractive, and expertly crafted spaces to suit our client’s needs. With many years of delivering large scale warehousing and distribution projects around the Pacific Northwest, we understand exactly how to approach each new job.

Be sure to get in contact with our expert team if you would like to find out more about the kind of commercial construction work that we can provide within this industry.