Promise Big, Deliver Bigger.

Serving the commercial construction needs of the pacific northwest for over 40 years

Your employees and the vast assortment of sub-contractors exceeded all expectations. This was our most satisfying development experience to date. … We look forward to doing business with your company in the future

Diane Steen Owner, Holiday Market
Holiday Market Burlington, WA

Promise Big, Deliver Bigger.

Serving the commercial construction needs of the pacific northwest for over 40 years

I highly recommend Chad Fisher Construction. They are professional, down-to-earth and great to work with

Michele Youngquist
Owner, Bay Baby Produce
Port Susan Marketplace

Promise Big, Deliver Bigger.

Serving the commercial construction needs of the pacific northwest for over 40 years

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding job your company did for us in completing our modifications and expansion of our ISO Level 8 Clean Room and new 45,000 sq. ft. warehouse. We could not have been more satisfied with the level of professionalism and consistent service you demonstrated to us under tough circumstances. Your company is to be commended for finishing both projects on time.

John Hunter
Special Projects/Compliance
Janicki Industries

Promise Big, Deliver Bigger.

Serving the commercial construction needs of the pacific northwest for over 40 years

Once the project was completed and the final cost came in, they were right on target with the original bid. I appreciate that they watched the budget throughout and delivered what they said they would.

Don Gerrior
Owner, Hansen’s Furniture
Hansens Furniture

Promise Big, Deliver Bigger.

Serving the commercial construction needs of the pacific northwest for over 40 years

In the end, we only interviewed one contractor: Chad Fisher Construction. We knew by reputation that Chad Fisher and his family were honest folks and were community-minded. We knew they would understand the importance of what we were trying to accomplish, and they demonstrated a commitment to the project and our community at every turn.

Rudy Kerkvliet
Craft Stove


Our reputation and ‘signature quality’ are built around our strong values and ongoing commitment to exceed our customers expectations. We are dedicated to building lasting relationships with our clients and partners as well as the development of our community. We will always follow through with what we pledge to deliver, no exceptions.

When it comes to building the vision you have for your business, Chad Fisher Construction is the commercial general contractor you can count on. We have assembled an efficient and highly skilled team to provide our customers with an experienced and professional commercial construction process. We work closely with our carefully selected sub-contractors who share our commitment to deliver on our promise of high quality projects – on time and within budget

Our Services


Chad Fisher Construction provides pre-construction services to safeguard that each project is designed for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. With all planning, architectural, engineering and commercial construction services combined under a single contract, your team will be consistent from conception to completion.


Our commercial construction services are customer centered and revolve around making the process run as smooth as possible so the owner can focus on their business, giving them more peace of mind. From scheduling to weekly project meetings, our goal is to keep you informed and the process moving forward.

Tenant Improvement

We have worked with many business owners over the years to take an existing building and turn it into something that fits their dreams and business model. Whether adding a wall or complete tenant improvement renovation of a work space, we have worked with owners to keep their business open with minimal impact during the process.

Moving Forward

Today, Chad, Dan and Duke continue serving the construction needs of the Pacific Northwest in the best way that they know how. Hard work, honesty, integrity and family remain at the core of Chad Fisher Construction. These strong values are instilled in the Fisher name and have helped the company grow to where they are today. Chad, Dan and Duke look forward to the next generation’s continued commitment to quality work and strong relationships.

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