Steel buildings are best for…

When considering if a steel building structure is right for your business, it helps to know the applications for which they excel (and there are lots!). Of course, we’ll also take a look at a few instances in which steel building structures aren’t as ideal. However, the best way to make your decision is to talk with one of our experts to advise you related to your project’s specific requirements.

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Team Corporation's facility is an example of a metal building.

Steel building structures are best for:

One story structures – If you are looking to build an expansive one-story structure – anything from an airplane hangar to a warehouse – then a steel building will be just the ticket.

Tight timelines – Need to get it done? Then go for a metal building. According to the Metal Building Manufacturer’s Association, steel structures are 30% faster to construct than using conventional methods. Your business benefits not only by being operational in your new space sooner but also by putting less pressure on finances.

Big, open interior spaces – Metal buildings don’t require the same sizeable structural columns found in conventional construction, giving you greater flexibility to configure your space.

Almost anything you can imagine – Customization makes your building uniquely functional for your purpose, and steel buildings offer nearly endless custom options. With the help of our team, your vision can become a reality.

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Steel buildings are not optimal in the following instances:

Multi-story construction – If you need to build up versus out, metal buildings may not be your best option.

Complex configurations – Steel buildings are most economical when configured in rectangle modules and longer column spacing.

Multiple Roof Loads & Penetrations – Due to the nature of the rolled pattern (ribs) of metal roofing, it becomes difficult to tie into obstructions such as roof units, skylights, etc.


This list is just a starting point for the advantages to choosing a pre-fabricated steel building. To learn more about the options that best fit your project, contact us.