5 Important Considerations When Planning Church Construction

Planning and building a church is distinctly different from most other commercial construction projects. This is because churches are often pivotal parts of the community. When planning the construction of a church, the general contractor typically works closely with a committee made up of church leaders and members of the church’s congregation. In addition to the meeting the needs of the Church, an experienced general… Read More

Advantages of Pre-Engineered Commercial Buildings

A pre-engineered commercial building is one that is manufactured and built before being shipped to the construction site. Once at the site, the steel building general contractor company bolts it together. This type of building is a type of ‘design & build’ construction done by a contractor. Pre-engineered commercial buildings are ideal for agriculture projects, warehouses and industrial buildings. This is because they are quick… Read More

Best Practices In Medical Office Building Construction

Medical Office Buildings are designed and constructed much like a hospital, but on a smaller scale. They can include everything you would typically find at a hospital, from primary and urgent care to social services, a pharmacy and even an ambulatory service. The only thing they don’t have are hospital beds. Doctors and nurses use the technology and features in medical offices to consult with… Read More

How To Use Drones In Commercial Construction

Drone hobbyists love testing out their flight skills and taking drone’s-eye view shots of beautiful places.  But are there any valuable applications for this kind of technology for businesses? In commercial construction, in particular, the answer is yes. This is because there are many ways that drones can provide noticeable benefits – not just in terms of novelty but by providing a measurable impact on… Read More

HVAC and Temp Control Systems In Commercial Construction

For a community-focused construction company that sees to all your building requirements and also caring about your business success, look no further than Chad Fisher Construction. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are essential in commercial construction, as buildings with large capacities need proper ventilation, good temperature control and efficiency. HVAC and temp control systems ensure that people inside commercial buildings for long periods… Read More