What is Design-Build Construction?

Design Build Construction

New construction projects can be extremely exciting – the prospect of building your vision from the ground up is a daunting yet exhilarating feeling. However, with this excitement also comes the question of how best to begin your planning, and which companies and service providers to place your trust in?

When it comes to new construction projects, there are a number of approaches you can take. There are also several different things to attend to along the way. With all the various aspects to consider, planning can be a daunting task. You want the very best for your project, and regardless of whether or not you have experience in construction, you may struggle to execute everything on your own.

This is where the design-build method comes in. It is an alternative to the design-bid-build method where each and every company and service provider is sourced as the plan goes ahead. While the latter method may seem to give you more freedom in your project, it has its disadvantages. The reason this can be tricky is that it can end up costing you a lot of money – not to mention it can be very time consuming.

What is the Design-Build Method?

Using the design-build method, you hand over all of the planning and execution of a project to an experienced and professional team of design-builders, either working together with them to achieve your project outcome or simply sitting back and letting them deal with things in ways they have done countless times before.

When you choose to go the design-build route, you are choosing one point of contact to deal with everything: budgeting, pre-construction planning, design, site sourcing, permit acquisition, construction, commissioning, and more. This helps with the flow of work and allows you to save both time and money in the process.

How it Works

When you hire a design-build team, you sign a single contract with a single entity before you get the ball rolling. This one team is responsible for every step of your new construction project, its planning, and its execution. This provides you with a middle man between you and service providers such as contractors, suppliers, and workers.

Although this may seem like it should cost you more, it has been shown that it actually ends up being more cost-effective than dealing with separate entities, contracts, and workers. Not only this, but it also means that you are dealing with a team that has collective experience, and knows the ins and outs of the construction business from the get-go.

Based on their willingness to work together, you can rest assured that you have access to capable experts that other industry professionals approve of.

The Advantages of the Design-Build Method

There are many advantages to choosing design-build for your next construction project. Whether it is your first time, or you are a veteran accustomed to sourcing entities yourself via the design-bid-build method, the points below are worth considering. They put forward a very strong case for hiring a single entity to oversee your project, and you may even find yourself swayed if you hadn’t previously considered it for your building.

● You have access to expert advice every step of the way during the process. Design-build teams know what they’re doing, and can work together with you both professionally and collaboratively to help you achieve your vision.

● Design-build teams are experienced with formulating budgets and ensuring that everything goes to plan. They help you to set expectations, and know what to do should there need to be some readjustment further on down the line.

● This method takes you from the initial concept, right through to completion of the project. Teams do the legwork to obtain the necessary permits for your project and deal with all administrative issues. This way, you can focus on the bigger picture and not get caught up in the details that can otherwise be dealt with by the design-build team.

● Service delivery is faster and more cost-effective. Because you are working with a team that has executed plans like yours many times before, they are well versed in who best to choose for construction processes according to both your budget as well as your needs.

● One entity is responsible for everything. You can rest assured that, when hiring a design-build team, you are signing a contract that means costs, scheduling, and performance are all taken care of. You can get as involved as you want to, and be comfortable in the knowledge that the team you have chosen has taken on virtually all of the responsibility associated with your new construction project.

The design-build method and its advantages far outweigh those of the design-bid-build method. With industry professionals working together to guide your project, things are much more likely to go to plan and budget.

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