Holiday Market Trusses Go Up

The gas station and convenience store that will be the new Holiday Market is progressing quickly. Last week the trusses went up, which is always a significant milestone in a project.

Holiday Market Trusses Go Up

Holiday Market_truss5_Chad Fisher Construction.jpg

Placing trusses requires precise equipment operation and communication. The crew in the air must maintain cooperative communication with the equipment operator to land these trusses into their final resting place safely.

Holiday Market

Once placed, these heavy timber trusses will be sheeted with 6,500 lineal feet of 3×6 tongue- and-groove fir car decking and 1/2-inch plywood, which creates the roof diaphragm of the building structure.

Crane lifting trusses

The Holiday Market trusses carry the roof load vertically, and the sheeting helps resist lateral forces such as wind and seismic activity.

Holiday Market trusses

These trusses were pre-fabricated and finished in our shop to protect the beautiful fir wood prior to being brought to the site and set in place.

Chad Fisher Construction

The Holiday Market gas station and convenience store opened in July of 2018.