How Plastic Molded Parts Are Changing The Construction Industry

As technology advances and the demand for bigger and better is on the rise, plastic molded parts have become a vital part of the revolutionizing of commercial construction. What Are The Benefits Of Using Plastic Parts In Construction? Every material has its benefits and its drawbacks.  Steel, for example, is one of the strongest options for building the framework of any structure or vehicle.  However,… Read More

Janicki Industries Aerospace Project

Chad Fisher Construction recently completed a flagship aerospace construction project for Janicki Industries. This new facility based in Hamilton, Washington, focuses on the manufacturing of flight-quality, aerospace parts, created from advanced composite materials. Since the company began in 1993, Janicki has evolved from making molds and tools used for building airplanes, to manufacturing state of the art carbon fiber airplane parts designed for commercial jetliners,… Read More

Looking for a general contractor in Everett? Choose one that understands manufacturing

Boeing is the most well-known manufacturer in Everett, Wash., and the surrounding Snohomish County. While aerospace dominates the county’s manufacturing scene, manufacturers of all shapes and sizes call the region home.