Ready to build in Bellingham? Make your general contractor your partner in success

Bellingham general contractor Chad Fisher Construction is a commercial general contractor working with businesses from Bellingham to Everett, Wash. With a history going back in the region 40-plus years, we understand – and live – the values of our region.

The Fisher family believes in making a difference and improving life for others. That commitment shows in their work. Their love for the land and respect for the environment push them to use resources wisely to complete a job with efficiency and minimal waste.

As business owners themselves, they intimately understand the entrepreneurial dream.

Chad Fisher Construction is in business to build facilities that help other businesses succeed and prosper. It all starts with the attitude that the client always comes first. Then, they employ the latest technologies and methods to see that every job is done right, on time and on, or under, budget.

Whether a mom-and-pop shop in downtown Bellingham, a dentist office in the Cordata area, or an agricultural processor in Whatcom County, every project – no matter its size – benefits from a general contractor who will take the time to understand your business.

When your contractor “gets it” – understands how you need your building to function, then they can begin to make suggestions that will benefit your business’ bottom line via project budget and maximized operating efficiencies.

In this article, we share a short case study that demonstrates how Chad Fisher Construction helped one business owner make her dream a reality. Then we touch on some of the considerations you may want to make when choosing a general contractor who will be your partner in success.

Value engineering: A case study

For example, Chad Fisher Construction served as general contractor for a dental clinic in Bellingham, stepping in after the original contractor had not worked to the owner’s budget. She was looking at a 40% cost overrun before even starting to build – essentially stopping the project in its tracks.

Through a mutual acquaintance, Chad Fisher was introduced to the owner and began value Sweet Tooth Dental Clinic, Chad Fisher Construction, Bellinghamengineering the site to “dial in” what she needed to make her building work for her business’s bottom line. These changes did not compromise her wishes for an attractive, modern and highly functional facility.

With a new plan in hand, the owner could finally breathe easy knowing the new dental clinic she had dreamed of was about to become reality, within her budget.

Carry that line of thinking further: Staying within budget means business owners like our dentist can provide their customers with excellent products or service without passing on additional costs. And that’s a win for everyone.

Does your general contractor share your values?

When looking for a general contractor, consider not only if they can construct your building but also if they share your values.

commercial general contractor

You’re in business to be successful

Bottom line: You want your business to be a success. How you measure that success is up to you, but your contractor should take the time to understand how your business operates and make suggestions that will benefit your operation. Those benefits may be a streamlined work flow or cost savings on your project realized by efficient construction practices.

Honesty and integrity
You’ve built your business on honesty and integrity; don’t you want your general contractor to share those values? While your gut feeling may go a long way toward informing you on this subject with any one contractor, look for external confirmation as well. Check out letters of recommendation and online reviews or call a contractor’s past clients.

Wise use of resources
Making smart decisions on materials for your project may mean choosing recycled materials or investing in materials that will stand the test of time. It may also include creating a waste management plan for your construction site, installing energy-efficient systems or other sustainable practices. If these kinds of decisions are important to you, make sure to ask these questions up front to gauge potential contractors’ views and expertise on these matters.

The bigger picture
No matter where your business is located – small town U.S.A. or one of the major cities around the globe – making a meaningful impact on your community is part of the bigger picture you see for yourself and your business. Whether you contribute through job creation or paying it forward with good works in the community, you are building something bigger than a physical plant. Don’t you want a contractor who shares that view?


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