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Hansen’s Furniture
  • Mount Vernon
  • 28,052 Square Feet
  • Hansen's Furniture, Mount Vernon, WA. Chad Fisher Construction
  • Hansen's Furniture at twilight, Mount Vernon, WA. Chad Fisher Construction
  • Inside Hansen's Furniture_Chad Fisher Construction

After fire destroyed Hansen’s Furniture in 2016, Chad Fisher Construction began construction of a new two-story 28,052-sq-ft retail building the following year. It is a two-story building with 14,026 square feet on each floor.

Chad Fisher Construction was awarded the bid on this project after coming in more than 15% under the bid of the contractor originally selected by the owners.

The proposed building covered almost the entire existing site, leaving little to no laydown and staging areas for the construction process, requiring a keen eye toward logistics in managing the project. Hansen’s Furniture was constructed simultaneously to the adjacent Craft Stove building that CFC also built.

With both buildings CFC took care to ensure pedestrian safety around the sites. We coordinated with the nearby schools to make sure work on or near the sidewalks didn’t take place while children were walking to and from school.

The building shell is constructed of concrete masonry exterior walls and structural steel framing over a thickened mat foundation. The second floor consists of a concrete slab over metal decking over open-web steel bar joist-and-girder framing. Exterior finishes include smooth and split-face colored architectural concrete masonry blocks with extruded aluminum panel accents and structural steel architectural canopies over the entries.

The project was delivered on time and under budget.

Project News:

That’s a lot of concrete – 166 truckloads to be exact!
Chad Fisher Construction is rebuilding both Craft Stove and Hansen’s Furniture after an accidental fire destroyed both buildings in 2016. The start to any goo... read more

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