Mini Storage Construction

Mini-Storage construction

Whether you need to do a temporary remodeling of your business or you’ve decided to relocate, you may find yourself in need of mini storage facilities to keep all your belongings. Self-storage has seen rapid industry growth in America alone over the last 40 years.

What Is Mini Storage?

Be it a room, container, or outdoor space, mini storage can look different based on your needs. Self-storage usually offers space to rent out every month, which makes it easy to collect when you need to use the items in storage once again.

Mini storage facilities vary in their appearance and type. However, there are a few pretty uniform features. They are most often windowless and accessible by rolling up a metal door.

Metal is the material that is most commonly used in mini-storage construction, usually in the form of corrugated iron. This material type is preferable due to its simplicity to assemble and construct, and the minimal building time it requires.

Mini Storage Construction Requirements And Considerations

Research And Analysis

The first step will require you to find a property and conduct a market analysis. This process involves researching to find available land to lease or buy, which will be the basis of the self-storage facility.

In addition, this step requires you to obtain regulatory permits and registration entitlement to show you are allowed to provide such services.

Don’t be too put out if you are beginning to question the amount of work this process requires. At Chad Fisher Construction, we are available to assist with all the challenging tasks, such as these, and are present throughout the project to better advise our clients.


Prospective storage developers need to ensure a careful, measured assessment of aspects such as the location of the site and any competitors nearby. You will also need to assess what storage offering your business would be able to provide and the specific needs of storage facilities. For example, being able to offer climate-regulated conditions for the items in storage.

Wherever you decide to build, your plans will need to adhere to commercial zoning procedures. Alternatively, they may have to fulfill specific self-storage requirements. These considerations are essential and necessary to bear in mind during the planning and research phase to avoid delays later in the project.

With years of experience under our belt, Chad Fisher Construction can help walk you through this process and ensure you have everything you need.

Land Requirements

Before you can decide how much land you need for mini storage facilities, it is necessary to determine whether you will be building a single-story or multi-level storage offering. Single-story facilities, for instance, often take up more acreage than a multi-story.

The chosen site of storage development may also require some development before proceeding. Site improvements can include demolition of existing structures, evaluation and fulfillment of local building codes, assessing soil conditions, lighting, landscaping, and paving.


An important consideration of mini-storage construction is proper ventilation. As these units don’t usually have windows, it’s important that they are designed with certain features to allow for ventilation. As mentioned earlier, if you want a large storage facility, you may consider climate-control through air-conditioners.

Fire Safety

As with any construction project, adhering to all safety regulations is crucial. Fire safety is one of the top things to consider. At Chad Fisher Construction, we will ensure that your mini storage construction meets all safety regulations and is up to code. This includes adding features like a sprinkler system, smoke purging, fire extinguishers, and proper ventilation. 


As we are turnkey construction agency equipped with architects, engineers, and contractors, we can ensure that your mini storage design is exactly what you imagined. It is important to put a lot of time and effort into the design of a project. This ensures that all aspects are well thought out and that the building meets all requirements.

How Can Chad Fisher Construction (CFC) Help You

At CFC, we specialize in building projects in many different industries. From agriculture and retail to industrial space, aerospace, and more. With over 40 years of experience, you can trust that you’ve come to the right place with your construction project.

Our approach is highly customer-centric. We believe in the importance of helping our clients realize their visions. CFC walks clients through the entire process, from the first phase of research, through obtaining the necessary permits, all the way to project completion.

We will help you develop your mini storage unit within the budget of your project. We are also committed to making sure that your business achieves its return-on-investment objectives. Our investment in ensuring the success of our clients means that your mini storage construction will be in good hands.

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