Hexcel Corporation Autoclave Transporation

Over the weekend, this Autoclave, or large pressure chamber, was delivered to its new home in Burlington. Chad Fisher Construction erected a 78,000 sq. ft. metal building to house this piece of equipment and production space.

The Autoclave, which weighs approx. 235,000 lbs., took three weeks to travel here from California. It is so heavy that it took three trucks (one for pulling and two for pushing) and a special heavy hauling platform supported by 128 tires to transport it. The assembly could not travel more than 40 mph and required 4-6 Highway Patrol vehicles, two escort trucks and two support trucks to travel with it. We are excited that it made it safely and will be moved into the new building this week.

We had to include a picture of owner Dan Fisher (who happens to be 6’9”) and his boys, Ben and Sam, standing next to the truck.