Construction management: The foundation of a successful project

Hiring a commercial general contractor should not only save you time, so you can focus on running your business, but also offer you peace of mind that your project is in the best hands for its efficient execution.


This all starts with a contractor that goes beyond erecting four walls and instead focuses on managing the project long before the groundbreaking.

Effective construction and project management require experience and proven tools to manage the design, construction and delivery of construction services, ensuring that clients receive a finished product that matches their expectations.

Working hand-in-hand with business owners, architects and governing authorities, Chad Fisher Construction provides construction management to deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget. We aim to be a partner in your business’ success.

Our construction management philosophy has four parts:

Scope Management

Project scope defines the goals of a project – how the space will look and function.  An owner’s expectations for the final outcome are the foundation for the project’s scope, providing a starting point from which budgeting and scheduling flows. We assist owners in reviewing design documents to discover discrepancies well ahead of construction conflicts – minimizing surprises. We’ve developed a systematic process for monitoring and managing all the factors that may impact or change the scope throughout the life of the project.

Cost Management

We know project costs are most often the biggest “wild card” owners have to deal with in constructing their project. Effective cost management begins with careful planning and the foresight to identify those places where a project might encounter cost issues. We start by establishing a realistic budget and contingencies that match the scope and quality requirements. We follow through with milestone estimate reviews, value engineering, procurement strategies, and change order management through to claims avoidance. We take great care in handling a client’s budget, and go beyond expectations to see that project budgets are met without compromising expectations of a project’s outcome.

Schedule Management

Our experience is that “time is money,” and an efficient, cost-controlled construction process starts with the project schedule. Avoiding schedule slippage is a key objective to schedule management. Good schedule management has proven to be a major factor in cost and quality of a project. We work closely with a client’s schedule and look for potential conflicts that could interfere with the project’s timeline.

Quality Management

Quality control starts by matching expectations with quality at a project’s onset. It is an attitude that requires total buy-in from all team members. Quality is something that leaves a lasting impression long after all other project factions have been completed. Chad Fisher Construction works to achieve our “signature quality” standard and strives to instill that in each and every craft worker on a project – avoiding quality issues before they happen.

If you’re ready to get help managing the scope, cost, schedule and quality of your next project, contact us at Chad Fisher Construction.