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Project Description

Chad Fisher Construction Steel Crews are well on their way to providing additional space for LAVLE USA, Inc. The building will be used for constructing and conducting testing of engines, generators, drives, motors, bridge control stations, and engineering control stations, with the goal of manufacturing and testing complete vessel power train and control systems. .

LAVLE is developing the world’s first solid-electrolyte battery (SEB) energy storage system (ESS) for the marine market, and these ESS will be packaged at this facility, using cells initially imported from Japan.

LAVLE USA, Inc., is a joint venture company that combines advanced energy storage technologies from the Japanese battery technology company 3DOM with the best-in-class marine engineering, design, and systems integration services of Ockerman Automation to provide products and services to the defense, renewable energy, and marine transportation markets


Lavle USA, Inc.
Location: Anacortes Washington
Project Size: 50,000 Square Feet

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