Our Team

Chad Fisher and family has been building a better life and future for their family and the community at large for generations. After helping his father build one of the leading construction firms in the Northwest, Chad pursued his own dream. In 2010, Chad opened Chad Fisher Construction and began working alongside the next generation of Fishers, his two sons, Dan and Duke.

Chad Fisher
The construction business has been Chad’s passion all his life. Chad’s father raised him in the business, teaching him the importance of hard work, honesty, integrity, and to always follow through with what you promise to deliver. With 39 years of industry experience, and a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, Chad fulfilled his own dream.

In 2010 Chad opened Chad Fisher Construction, working alongside his two sons, Dan and Duke. Chad’s ongoing commitment to maintain close relationships with previous clients has given Chad Fisher Construction the opportunity to succeed in the industry, bringing back clients that he worked for some 20-30 years ago. His two sons mirror his style and have gained respect, earning the trust of not only Chad’s past clients but also new ones they have cultivated.

Chad’s vast amount of experience, exceptional leadership and ongoing commitment to community has led the company to be one of the most recognized in the region. Consistently assembling top quality teams and first class results, company namesake Chad Fisher continues to be a leader in the community. Chad firmly believes in ensuring a better quality of life for others, and passing on common values that he has learned for future generations.

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Dan Fisher
Dan has been working in the construction industry for more than 20 years. He started working as an equipment operator and craft worker for his father at age 16. His admiration for the industry led him to study Business and Construction Management at Washington State University. After working in the equipment rental industry for several years, Dan joined his father at Chad Fisher Construction on 2010.

His expertise and keen sense of vision ensure that all projects are consistent with the Fisher “Signature Quality.” Dan enjoys the whole process, from pre-planning and design, budgeting and pricing, to final construction. Helping clients build their dream is his greatest reward. One of Dan’s strengths is working through project hardships, managing tight schedules, and meeting demands from both clients and the complexity of projects. Dan also believes in building strong relationships with clients and cultivating long-lasting friendships, giving our valued customers a reason to stay with our company.

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Duke Fisher
Duke has been working in the construction industry for 16 years. Joining his father at age 16, he began working as an intern project engineer, equipment operator and craft worker. After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Washington State University, Duke worked as a project Manager for Dick Anderson Construction. In 2011 Duke returned to Skagit Valley, joining his father and brother at Chad Fisher Construction.

Duke brings a diverse level of project experience to Chad Fisher Construction. Having done projects ranging from heavy civil and large scale, to high-end commercial projects and high-end residential construction, including property development. Duke’s degree in construction management coupled with his experience and involvement with unique projects has given him the ability and passion to solve complex engineering and logistical issues. He enjoys the challenge of working with the many involved entities involved in project management, and seeing the owner walk away satisfied with the end result.

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Riley Cornelson
Riley is a 2009 graduate of Washington State University with a Construction Management degree and lifelong resident of Ferndale, WA. He has a long history in construction and has worked in many facets of the industry throughout his life. In his role as a project manager at Chad Fisher Construction, he is focused on service and providing clients with the best possible results both functionally and financially. Away from work Riley enjoys spending time with his wife and two young sons as well as coaching football and volunteering in his local community.
Zack Collins
Zack was born and raised in Longview, WA and decided to move to Skagit County after meeting his wife. Zack has always had a fond interest in the construction industry. His father was an Architect and had an influence on Zack from an early age. Zack chose to be in construction in lieu of architecture because he “enjoys solving puzzles more than creating them”. When not at work he enjoys watching sports, solving puzzles, playing fetch/walking his dog, and creating tiny projects around the house to keep himself busy.

Moving Forward

Today, Chad, Dan and Duke continue serving the construction needs of the Pacific Northwest in the best way that they know how. Hard work, honesty, integrity and family remain at the core of Chad Fisher Construction. These strong values are instilled in the Fisher name and have helped the company grow to where they are today. Chad, Dan and Duke look forward to the next generation’s continued commitment to quality work and strong relationships.