Northwest Wild Foods

Northwest Wild Foods is a family owned Wild and Organic food producer and distributor located in Burlington Washington. They procure specialty berries, nuts, mushrooms and seafood from the Pacific Northwest. Chad Fisher Construction was hired by Northwest Wild Foods to construct a new office, warehouse & distribution, and production facility following a failed attempt by a previous contractor to meet their budget and accommodate project… Read More

Sakata Seed Company

The new 14,000 sq. ft. office building includes a 400 sq. ft. seed certification laboratory with climate controlled germination rooms and a 3,000 sq. ft. seed laboratory.

Bay Baby Produce

Bay Baby Produce is a Skagit Valley company that farms sustainable pumpkins and organic winter squash as well as producing decorative pumpkins and fruit. The owners decided to expand from their leased warehouse and production facility in Burlington, Wash., building on 30 acres they own in south Mount Vernon just minutes from the interstate. The 45,000-sq-ft production facility is a fully enclosed and air-conditioned space…. Read More

Northwest Mills & Specialty Grains

Northwest Mills (also known as Cairnspring Mills) is a startup focused on milling locally grown grains for flour. Using the best equipment sourced from around the world, Northwest Mills’ small-batch specialty flour is more nutritious than mass-produced flour because it retains part of the grain’s bran and germ, where much of the protein and fiber reside. Northwest Mills is committed to supporting local agriculture and… Read More

Inventure Foods

Inventure Foods is a specialty foods manufacturer based in Phoenix, Ariz., that was looking to move a fresh fruit processing facility from Lynden, Wash., to Bellingham, Wash. Inventure’s Rader Farms stored its fresh-frozen berries in the Bellingham Cold Storage facility in Bellingham, requiring them to transport the fruit north several miles to the processing plant in Lynden. To save on transport cost and time, the… Read More