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Janicki Industries - Chad Fisher Construction

Janicki Aerospace Manufacturing

Janicki Industries (Janicki) has opened a new manufacturing plant in Hamilton, WA. The primary purpose of the plant is to produce flght-quality, aerospace parts made of advanced composite materials.

The new building was built by Chad Fisher Construction. Construction took a year and the building contains 6,800 cubic yards of concrete, 350,000 lineal feet of rebar, 600 tons of steel and over 100 miles of electrical wire. On the roof is a state-of-the-art climate control system. There are 30 Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) heat Pumps that are all linked together and connected to a computer system. The system monitors temperature and humidity and turns on the appropriate heat pump to keep the climate perfect for making carbon fier parts.

This is the fist industrial application in the State of Washington that works in a contained environment like Janicki Industries new Hamilton plant.


Lavle USA


Chad Fisher Construction Steel Crews are well on their way to providing additional space for LAVLE USA, Inc. The building will be used for constructing and conducting testing of engines, generators, drives, motors, bridge control stations, and engineering control stations, with the goal of manufacturing and testing complete vessel power train and control systems. .

LAVLE is developing the world’s first solid-electrolyte battery (SEB) energy storage system (ESS) for the marine market, and these ESS will be packaged at this facility, using cells initially imported from Japan.

LAVLE USA, Inc., is a joint venture company that combines advanced energy storage technologies from the Japanese battery technology company 3DOM with the best-in-class marine engineering, design, and systems integration services of Ockerman Automation to provide products and services to the defense, renewable energy, and marine transportation markets

island hospital

Island Hospital Walk-in Clinic

Island Hospital contracted with Chad Fisher Construction (CFC) to assist with relocating exam rooms and updating the reception/waiting area for its walk-in clinic. CFC worked closely with the hospital and its patients as this space was occupied during the construction phases.

Cleanliness is always important in a medical facility, and as the clinic continued to be operational during the remodel, our crews made cleanliness a priority.

The Island Hospital project consisted of demolishing walls, plumbing and electrical to construct new exam rooms with adjacent dirty and clean rooms. The lobby reception desk and waiting rooms were demolished and replaced with a new P-Lam reception desk with hard surface counter top and integrated 3form glass panels. New finishes were added throughout the clinic, including carpet tile, luxury vinyl tile (LVT), sheet vinyl, suspended ceilings and paint.

The project was delivered on time and on budget.

Helping Hands Food Bank, Sedro-Woolley, Chad Fisher Construction

Helping Hands Food Bank

Helping Hands Food Bank had outgrown its original location and decided to build a brand-new facility consisting of 1,939 square feet of retail space, 1,048 square feet of office space and 6,513 square feet of warehouse space with a loading dock.

The new retail space is set up like a grocery store to allow clients to “shop” for what they need, which has reduced wait times for participants and allowed the food bank to serve a greater population of those in need. The administrative areas include offices as well as classrooms for job training and financial literacy classes.

This building was constructed of a slab on grade foundation with stick-framed walls, pre-fabricated trusses and T1-11 siding over structural plywood sheeting.

Chad Fisher Construction used all local subcontractors and suppliers for the project, many of whom graciously donated to the project. The project was delivered under budget.

Holiday Market, Burlington, WA, Chad Fisher Construction

Holiday Market

Skagit Valley locals may remember the original Holiday Market and gas station at the I-5/Highway 20 interchange. This convenient spot to fuel up and grab a bite to eat was razed 10 years ago to make improvements to the freeway. Customers missed the market and gas station, so the owners decided to rebuild. (Read more about Holiday Market’s history and new store here.)

Features of this new construction include a 6-lane, 12-pump canopied fueling station and a full commercial kitchen inside the convenience store, along with the separate 370-sf coffee kiosk.

Exterior finishes include a stone veneer, Hardiplank siding and fir trusses. Pervious concrete was poured in the parking area to aid in storm water management.

The project was delivered on time and under budget.

Bay Baby Produce, Mount Vernon, WA,

Bay Baby Produce

Bay Baby Produce is a Skagit Valley company that farms sustainable pumpkins and organic winter squash as well as producing decorative pumpkins and fruit.

The owners decided to expand from their leased warehouse and production facility in Burlington, Wash., building on 30 acres they own in south Mount Vernon just minutes from the interstate.

The 45,000-sq-ft production facility is a fully enclosed and air-conditioned space. A second, open-air, production area measures 10,000 square feet.

The Bay Baby Produce rooftop features a 99-kilowatt solar system. At the time of its installation, it was the second-largest agricultural production solar array in the state of Washington.

Offices, conference room and executive restrooms are located on the second mezzanine. Employees have 1,600 square feet dedicated to a break room and restrooms.

All construction was completed by Chad Fisher Construction to meet the needs of organic farm certification for the crops that go directly from the field to the production facility.


Mount Vernon Periodontics, Chad Fisher Construction

Mount Vernon Periodontics

Property owner Dr. Raj Bal hired Chad Fisher Construction to build a brand-new 6,000 sq-ft office building, including 2,000 square feet of fully constructed periodontic clinic space for Dr. Bal and 4,000 square feet of tenant space for lease.

The building is wood framed on a conventional concrete foundation. Exterior finishes include architectural metal panel, board and batten siding, brick and stone veneer, storefront glazing system and HardiePlank lap siding.

The project was completed on time and under budget. The owner had a very tight schedule, and the contract stipulated the periodontic clinic needed to be operational by the last week of December 2017. CFC worked closely with the City of Mount Vernon to ensure a temporary certificate of occupancy was obtained so the clinic could be operational by the desired date.

Hansen's Furniture at twilight, Mount Vernon, WA. Chad Fisher Construction

Hansen’s Furniture

After fire destroyed Hansen’s Furniture in 2016, Chad Fisher Construction began construction of a new two-story 28,052-sq-ft retail building the following year. It is a two-story building with 14,026 square feet on each floor.

Chad Fisher Construction was awarded the bid on this project after coming in more than 15% under the bid of the contractor originally selected by the owners.

The proposed building covered almost the entire existing site, leaving little to no laydown and staging areas for the construction process, requiring a keen eye toward logistics in managing the project. Hansen’s Furniture was constructed simultaneously to the adjacent Craft Stove building that CFC also built.

With both buildings CFC took care to ensure pedestrian safety around the sites. We coordinated with the nearby schools to make sure work on or near the sidewalks didn’t take place while children were walking to and from school.

The building shell is constructed of concrete masonry exterior walls and structural steel framing over a thickened mat foundation. The second floor consists of a concrete slab over metal decking over open-web steel bar joist-and-girder framing. Exterior finishes include smooth and split-face colored architectural concrete masonry blocks with extruded aluminum panel accents and structural steel architectural canopies over the entries.

The project was delivered on time and under budget.

Craft Stove, Mount Vernon, WA_Chad Fisher Construction

Craft Stove

The original Craft Stove building burned to the ground due to an accidental fire in 2016. The property owners wanted to rebuild with an eye toward not only replacing but also improving the structure to revitalize the prominent intersection where Craft Stove is located.

Chad Fisher Construction was hired to do a complete rebuild of a new retail facility matching the existing footprint. Scope of work included demolition of the existing site and foundation and construction of a the new 10,100-sq-ft retail building.

The building consists of a wood- and steel-framed structure on a thickened concrete mat foundation. Mat foundations are used to help mitigate potential differential (unequal) settlement due to poor soil condition. They also provide ballast for a building to prevent it from “floating” in the event of a flood, which is a real consideration in the Skagit Valley.

The structure covered almost the entire building site, which left little to no laydown and staging areas for the construction process. To mitigate that challenge, pre-planning of deliveries and staging work accordingly was an important element to managing this project.

Craft Stove was constructed simultaneously to the next-door Hansen’s Furniture, which also burned in the fire. Because the block is part of a busy neighborhood, CFC took care to ensure pedestrian safety. We coordinated with the nearby schools to make sure work on or near the sidewalks didn’t take place while children were walking to and from school.

Exterior finishes on the Craft Stove building include horizontal and vertical architectural metal panels with clear-grain cedar siding accents and a structural steel architectural canopy over the entrance. It is an attractive, attention-getting building that accomplished the owner’s goal of a beautiful and functional retail space. The project was completed on time and under budget.

Sweet Tooth dental treatment room_Chad Fisher Construction

Sweet Tooth Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

This  dental office is new construction for Dr. Aimee Werremeyer of Sweet Tooth Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Bellingham.

Having been referred to Dr. Werremeyer by a couple of her contacts, Chad Fisher Construction stepped in as the design-build general contractor after the original contractor had not worked to her budget. Using value engineering, CFC was able to reduce the budget by over 40% and “dial in” the costs without compromising the owner’s desire for an attractive, modern and highly functional facility.

The project was delayed in permitting, requiring construction to start in the wet and rainy season of the Northwest, and necessitating extensive storm-water remediation at the site. Nevertheless, the project was completed on time and under budget.

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